What I Am Reading

I recently finished “Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania” by Erik Larson. Non-fiction that reads like a novel; it is a page turner. The author writes in the acknowledgements: “In the dusty timeline of world events installed in my brain back in high school, the Lusitania affair constituted the skimpiest of entries, tucked somewhere between the Civil War and Pearl Harbor”.

That pretty much sums up my knowledge of the topic – I had just a few words to describe this historical event: German U-boat, passenger ship, WWI. Larson writes that as he started researching he realized that “buried in muddled details of the affair ….. was …. a very good story”. Right he is, and a story worth reading. Don’t skip the footnotes! They add an impressive and interesting layer to the text.

Last month’s book giveaway was so popular I’m doing it again. If you’d like to be entered for one of two copies I’m giving away, let me know by May 19th!


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