There are worse things than going to see a financial advisor!

Hello! A lot of people dread the idea of seeing a financial advisor. But as one of my best friends frequently says: “The truth will set you free”. And this month I debut a new feature called “What I am Reading”. Read on to learn more. Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning  … Continue

What’s your number?

Hello! Much has been written in the financial press about “your number”: the amount of money you should save in order to retire. It’s an important number. But even more important is the first number you must have before you can even start to figure out “your number”. Read on to learn more! Best, Michelle… Continue

Death and Taxes: Both Certain but One Might Be Farther Away than You Think

Hello! How long will you live? Of course, nobody knows the answer for sure.  Like many questions in financial planning, there is no Magic 8-ball with answers. Read on to learn more about longevity statistics! Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   I frequently talk to clients about when to retire, when to take Social… Continue

10 Questions and Answers about RMDs

Hello! Most people will face RMDs in their lifetime; yet a random poll of some really smart people (people waiting at the dentist office) revealed that nobody knew what they were let alone how they might be effected.  Not knowing could be costly! Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   What does RMD stand for? RMD… Continue