Dear Young Person: I want to talk about your biggest asset.

Hello! In financial planning we do a lot of “asset inventories”. A tally of everything of value the client owns. Cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, 401k plans, IRA’s, life insurance policies, cars, etc. A young person may have very little of these types of assets and in fact may have more liabilities (debts) than assets.… Continue

What is a stock? What is a bond?

Hello! Recently a client told me her husband liked me, but did not like to come meet with me because he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Ouch. I’ve resolved not to assume people know what I’m talking about. Today, I define a few common investment terms. Read on to learn more! Best, Michelle Morris,… Continue

12 Things to Know About ROTH IRAs

Hello! Roth IRAs are one type of account that can help you reach your financial goals. However, there can be pitfalls if you don’t know all the rules. Read on to learn more. Best,       Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   ROTH IRAs are 20 years old next year! They are… Continue

Be A Control Freak (sometimes)!

Hello! Your financial success depends on a lot of factors. Some of them you have no control over. But the good news is many you do. Be a control freak on the things you CAN control. And forget the rest! Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   Recently I got a gem of a book… Continue

I-Bond Interest Rate Alert

Hello! Every 6 months, on the first business day of May and November, the interest rate on your Inflation Linked Savings Bonds (I-bonds) changes based on inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The current inflation adjusted interest rate for your I-bonds is: 2.76%   This will be added to whatever fixed rate your… Continue

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Try to Time the Market

Hello! Market volatility, wide swings in its value, is often distressing to investors. The temptation to get out can be strong. But it isn’t market timing that matters – it is time in the market! Read on to learn more! Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   If you invested $10,000 in the… Continue

The MAGIC of pre-tax dollars!

Hello! Beware of Greeks bearing gifts and financial service professionals promising magic. But the magic of pre-tax dollars is one you can take to the bank. Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   Today I am going to tell you about a mythical client named “Susie”. Susie is single and her gross pay… Continue

Teenager got a job? Now they need a ROTH!

Hello! Teens earning money is a beautiful thing! Now’s the time to salt away some of those earnings to a ROTH IRA and they won’t have to share with Uncle Sam. No tax now, no tax later. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that. 🙂 Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning  … Continue

Will YOU love the Rule of 72?

Hello! There is a saying that compound interest floats all boats. Read on to learn more about a simple math trick to approximate how long it will take your money to double. Best, Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning Let’s suppose your grandmother put $100 into a bank account for you that magically paid 4% interest.… Continue

The Ocean is Calm Today – But Don’t Forget Your Life Jacket!

Hello! Large bodies of water were not a feature of my childhood.  But now I live near the ocean which sometimes reminds me of the stock market! Also today I’m giving away a useful book called Deduct It, Deduct It to help value your tax deductible charitable donations to places like Goodwill (read to the… Continue