Dear Young Person: I want to talk about your biggest asset.

Hello! In financial planning we do a lot of “asset inventories”. A tally of everything of value the client owns. Cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, 401k plans, IRA’s, life insurance policies, cars, etc. A young person may have very little of these types of assets and in fact may have more liabilities (debts) than assets.… Continue

Financial Planning Toolkit for Single Women [and the people who love them]

Last month I recommended the site to a client. This is a great site for checking your credit scores and reports. It’s secure and it’s free! Detailed 3rd party review HERE.

What I Am Reading: Trajectory

Richard Russo is one of my favorite authors and he recently came out with “Trajectory” a collection of 4 short stories. I like short stories – particularly in the summer. Long complicated novels are mostly winter fare for me. Each one of these stories about imperfect people living in an imperfect world packs a punch,… Continue

What is a stock? What is a bond?

Hello! Recently a client told me her husband liked me, but did not like to come meet with me because he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Ouch. I’ve resolved not to assume people know what I’m talking about. Today, I define a few common investment terms. Read on to learn more! Best, Michelle Morris,… Continue

What I Am Reading: Dan Solin Investing Secrets

This month I’m doing a twist – instead of reading – it’s “What I am Watching”. A series of videos called “Dan Solin’s Investing Secrets.” They are short and on point. One of my favorites is Market Returns are Great Returns. Only 62 seconds long, enjoy!

Financial Planning Toolkit for Single Women [and the people who love them]

Last month I talked to a 26 year old woman just getting started in life about the fundamentals of fiscal fitness. Fundamental number one: Save at least 10% of what you earn. Right now. Today. Automate the savings so it disappears before you even see it. Last month I also talked to a couple in… Continue

Supporting your adult child or elderly parent? You could save on taxes!

Hello! Has your adult child boomeranged back to the nest and having trouble finding work? Are you helping out your parents or other people financially? You may be able to claim them as dependents on your tax return and/or deduct the medical expenses you pay for them. Read on to learn more. Best, Michelle Morris,… Continue

Financial Planning Toolkit for Single Women [and the people who love them]

Last month I called the MA Department of Revenue for a client who’d received an obtuse tax notice. Delightful hold music at the DOR such as “I’ve Got you Babe” by Sonny and Cher. They probably haven’t changed their hold music since that song came out. What looked like an officious and vaguely scary sort… Continue

What I Am Reading

I recently finished “Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania” by Erik Larson. Non-fiction that reads like a novel; it is a page turner. The author writes in the acknowledgements: “In the dusty timeline of world events installed in my brain back in high school, the Lusitania affair constituted the skimpiest of entries, tucked… Continue

12 Things to Know About ROTH IRAs

Hello! Roth IRAs are one type of account that can help you reach your financial goals. However, there can be pitfalls if you don’t know all the rules. Read on to learn more. Best,       Michelle Morris, CFP®, EA BRIO Financial Planning   ROTH IRAs are 20 years old next year! They are… Continue